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  1. p0sixkillah

    Regarding today's events

    From night of August 21, 2019 to early morning on August 22, 2019 a series of events occurred, that has lead to what is happening right now. On night of Aug 21, users, as usually, were posting memes in the #shitposting channel. The information is sparse here, but eventually something was posted...
  2. Atlas

    Artwork East Place

    Goes well with this "Axel's power cell workshop, set close to a nearby mountain station, the one with the cleanest energy out there"
  3. Dmitry_Twist_VMF

    Artwork Past stuff i made.

    some are old, some are recent, non of this is new, and non are in order, just wanted them moved to the site. (yes, i already know what the Japanese says, google was my translator, just ignore it if you can.) special thanks to : TheCreepsAreReal for MHA models
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