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  1. John

    What are you listening to, right now?

  2. John

    Artwork Living

  3. John

    Favourite anime?

    -jojo -black butler -my hero academia
  4. John

    How long have you guys been using sfm?

    Started january this year, and i have around 400 hours so far.
  5. John

    Artwork haha yes shitty poster

  6. John

    The New Explosive Barrels Experience (v2)

  7. John

    you fucking pedophile boomer

    you fucking pedophile boomer
  8. John

    Hello I am child

    Hello I am child
  9. John

    Shitposting / Random Memes

    You just said the N word, youre gonna get
  10. John

    Yall like playing, W A R F R A M E ?

    Yeah i havent played warframe in around like, 2 months, not really enough content to keep me interested, so currently im just waiting until the new war releases
  11. John

    User emotes

    Basically letting users upload their own emotes for their own personal use, there would be a limit obviously and maybe increasing it for gold users, NSFW emotes would obviously be only usable in NSFW channels and if the person uses it somewhere else they get warned/message deleted. Maybe even...
  12. John

    Yall like playing, W A R F R A M E ?

    took you only 3 months to respond, nice :sadcat:
  13. John

    Shitposting / Random Memes

  14. John

    Favourite games

    For me its gotta be: A hat in time Soma Horizon zero dawn (And the new modern warfare game when itcomes out hnghgfhn)
  15. John

    what kind of music do you like when just working?

    I usually listen to rock, i just turn on a song by cage the elephant or foster the people and let autoplay do its thing
  16. John

    gmod section

    what title says
  17. John

    Shitposting / Random Memes

    fuck you Vindicate
  18. John

    change the bell/notification icon color

    its been almost 2 months where are the rest of the icons p0s
  19. John

    Artwork The Invasion

  20. John

    Download SFM Workshop Gems

    nice self promo retard
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