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  1. John

    dead site lol

  2. John

    Shitposting / Random Memes

    I hate women and minorities, Walter
  3. John

    Regarding today's events

  4. John

    Shitposting / Random Memes

  5. John

    Shitposting / Random Memes

  6. John

    Regarding today's events

    I agree with angel, while I do think using said words in a regular discussion, not calling anyone those words, or even calling your friends that as a joke and them knowing its a joke shouldn't be considered racist/homophobic, i also do think that calling cubity those words on purpose was a...
  7. John


    My favorite play in an extremely close game
  8. John

    CoD: Modern Warfare 2019

    So the 2v2 alpha released on ps4 for free for everyone, and so far I played around 10-15 games, and not gonna lie, this is the most fun i've had with a shooter In a long time. The guns feel and sound really good, none of them really feel overpowered/more powerful than others, the maps I played...
  9. John

    Regarding today's events

    In my opinion, both sides are wrong. The shitposter gang for calling cubity a nigger and especially that one guy that posted actual NSFW. However, most "Racist" screenshots cubity posted beforehand were taken out of context. For example the "Say what, say nigger?" was In response of someone...
  10. John


    You're not muted, as you said, the server is on lockdown, meaning nobody except moderators can talk there, we don't know how long this lockdown will last, well the mods probably do, but us plebs don't.
  11. John

    What are you listening to, right now?

  12. John

    Artwork Living

  13. John

    Favourite anime?

    -jojo -black butler -my hero academia
  14. John

    How long have you guys been using sfm?

    Started january this year, and i have around 400 hours so far.
  15. John

    Artwork haha yes shitty poster

  16. John

    you fucking pedophile boomer

    you fucking pedophile boomer
  17. John

    Hello I am child

    Hello I am child
  18. John

    Shitposting / Random Memes

    You just said the N word, youre gonna get
  19. John

    Yall like playing, W A R F R A M E ?

    Yeah i havent played warframe in around like, 2 months, not really enough content to keep me interested, so currently im just waiting until the new war releases
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