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  1. John

    dead site lol

  2. John

    CoD: Modern Warfare 2019

    So the 2v2 alpha released on ps4 for free for everyone, and so far I played around 10-15 games, and not gonna lie, this is the most fun i've had with a shooter In a long time. The guns feel and sound really good, none of them really feel overpowered/more powerful than others, the maps I played...
  3. John

    Artwork haha yes shitty poster

  4. John

    User emotes

    Basically letting users upload their own emotes for their own personal use, there would be a limit obviously and maybe increasing it for gold users, NSFW emotes would obviously be only usable in NSFW channels and if the person uses it somewhere else they get warned/message deleted. Maybe even...
  5. John

    gmod section

    what title says
  6. John

    Artwork The Invasion

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  8. John


  9. John

    change the bell/notification icon color

    its currently gold, and i feel like it should be gray to match the other icons
  10. John


  11. John

    hey were still allowed to talk here lol

    p0s pls fix
  12. John

    Discuss endgame here, spoilers, duh.

    ITT: discuss anything related to endgame, from hulk dabbing, to thor screaming at kids in fortnite.
  13. John


    first fucking owned also im retarded :)
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