UPDATE: Half-Life Beta recreation mod, Absolute Zero, gets a DMCA takedown notice


Explosive Barrels
May 10, 2019
Do you remember the drama around the Absolute Zero title we wrote about a month ago, where an indie developer (Giggle Horse) sent a takedown notice to another indie developer (Cobalt-57), who were developing a Half-Life Alpha recreation mod for quite sometime, and were too small and scaried to send a notice to a very well-known and big publisher of the Call of Duty game series? Yeah, as we said, the case against such corporation would've likely wiped all giggles from that stupid horse's face, and put it in debts for generations and generations ahead.

Anyhow, the good news is that the story has concluded in a happy ending. Thanks to Marc Whipple, a lawyer specialized in patents, trademarks and copyright law (and games, too), both sides reached a mutual agreement.

While the exact details of the said agreement were not announced, it is known that Half-Life: Absolute Zero will remain Half-Life: Absolute Zero. As for the Giggle Horse's title, — huh, who cares. I think that even few potential customers they had, were probably scared away by this genious stunt (seriously Randell, you could've better invested this money into marketing, not lawyers, and you would've gotten a totally different outcome, a positive one!) decided not to support a company that partakes in the deeds of Dirty Devs. What's important here is that the common sense won and justice has been served.
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