anything being done to make the site more active?


May 17, 2019
there have been days where i'm the only one online. and i am just wondering if the mods where going to do any big promotions or make changes to make more people post here. maybe contests and site wide collaborations?

i like the place a lot, but with no one to really interact with it's a bit. drab.


Explosive Barrels
May 9, 2019
It is really nice to hear you like the EBF, thank you!

The website is indeed not really active, but I'd say that's pretty normal for any newly made website. You don't expect much activity for the first few months, or even a year. You are correct - we do need promotions AND existing users actually using the website. As for the staff, unfortunately we haven't got much time because of some unexpected real-life problems, which I hope you realize, are top-priority. Without solving those, sadly there may be no one to look after the website. :frown:

As for promotions and collaborations - stay tuned. We've got something related to Source Filmmaker, and it is going to be announced today.
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