Steam Blog: * The Steam Winter Sale Has Begun! *


Explosive Barrels
May 10, 2019
It's open season to hunt for games and gifts in the Steam Winter Sale, where you'll catch a glimpse of the elusive Yeti and abominable savings on thousands of titles through January 5th at 10am Pacific.

Be sure to claim your free Winter gifts in the Steam Points Shop while you're at it. Every two days the sneaky Yeti or one of his wintery friends will make an appearance as a little giftie pour vous there. Stop by the Points Shop any time before the sale ends on January 5th at 10am Pacific to claim your free stickers. Got some points burning a hole in your wintery coat pocket? Then be sure to browse the Points Shop for additional Winter Goodies on sale now.

It's also time to cast your vote in the 2021 Steam Awards! The nominees for the best games of 2021 are in. Be sure to make your voice heard by casting your vote in each of the categories before January 3rd at 9am Pacific. Winners will then be revealed as soon as your votes have been tallied. Which games will go down in history as the best of 2021? It's entirely up to you!

Happy Holidays and Warm Winter Wishes, from Yeti and friends to you.

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