Steam Blog: Top Releases of November 2021


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May 10, 2019
We're happy to announce our Top Releases of November 2021

As always, we look at every game released for the month, highlighting the Top 20 games and Top 5 DLC releases based on their first two weeks of revenue. We also highlight the top 5 free-to-play games, ranked by the number of unique players they acquired after launch.

The Top Releases of November 2021[]

Riot Forged
Many fans have been anticipating the release of new content from Riot Forge[], a publishing effort aimed at creating brand new games from the wildly-popular League of Legends universe. This month features the debut Riot Forge RPG, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story™, which has captivated long-time players and new fans alike. It's great to see positive reactions from nostalgic players, fond of familiar characters and lore, alongside praise from newcomers, thrilled with the unique game design and art style.

Audiences Abroad
With development studios on Steam coming from every corner of the world, it's encouraging to see positive regional trends. For example, Chinese developers continue to bring popular new content to Steam, while finding increased success with players all around the world. This month's Top Release, Gunfire Reborn, is a perfect example of this success: developed by a studio in China, but gaining the majority of players from other regions of the world. In fact, Chinese developers have seen a 300% growth in sales from non-Chinese markets in the past year alone. It's of course awesome news for these devs, but the real excitement is for players, who now have increased variety when choosing which Top Release to play next.

Welcome New Devs
This month also features a whole new batch of games that are coming from development studios new to Steam. Several of these teams have been making games for quite some time, while others are making their very first commercial product. A big welcome and congrats go out to these development teams for their successful Steam debuts


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