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May 10, 2019

Whether you're at work, on the bus, or playing at home, you can now browse your personalized Steam News Hub to easily find updates, announcements, and events for the games you play, wishlist, and follow.

The News Hub is designed to be flexible and personalized around your games and preferences, with many customization options built in. By default, the News Hub shows posts from the games you play, wishlist, follow, or are recommended. Or, if you want to take full control, you can change all that with a few quick setting adjustments in the left-hand menu. Plus, you can choose to follow and receive news from dozens of top gaming news sources across a variety of languages.

First launched as an experiment in Steam Labs in March, the News Hub has been developed with the feedback of players along the way. Today it becomes a full feature of Steam and replaces the previous news feed found at /news.

Personalized feed of news
By default, the Steam News Hub will show you everything posted by the developers of the games you play, games you wishlist, and games that you follow. From patch notes to weekend tournaments to Major Updates, the News Hub is a great way to keep up to speed with new developments and activities in the games you care about. But you can easily change these defaults to exclude certain kinds of posts or posts from certain categories of games. You can also mute individual games directly from the News Hub.

Explore your personalized Steam News Hub here: or by selecting 'store → news' at the top of Steam.

More gaming news choices
In addition to news from Steam and game creators, the News Hub allows you to follow gaming sites from around the world.

The old newsfeed only featured a handful of gaming news sites. Now, housed through the Steam Curator system, dozens of sites from around the world are now featured via a new menu item for “Steam News Curators” that allows you to explore all these sources. Here you can see what sorts of things they write about as you choose which ones you might like to add to your personalized hub.

Each News Curator brings different kinds of news and content, including rich media, screenshots, videos, and/or detailed guides and reviews. Some deliver blurbs that you can quickly scan in the News Hub, while other sources include full articles. Included YouTube videos are even playable right in the news feed. And there's always a link to explore more via the news source's own website.

Check out news sources here:

See what's coming up
Beyond info, the News Hub also makes it easy to explore events coming up and lets you sign up for email or mobile app reminders. Or you can just add the event to your Google Calendar or iCal so you can plan your weekend around interesting tournaments or community events.

Explore your upcoming events here:

Game updates and patch notes
Get more info on all the recent updates for the games you play: When you click to read news from games in your library that just updated, you'll find the Steam News Hub, filtered to just update notes about that game (note that not every developer is in the habit yet of posting patch notes with every update. We've got some updates coming soon that should help with that.)

Explore posts from top games
Interested in what's happening in some of the most popular games on Steam? Check the 'featured' channel for major updates, live events, and news from top selling and top played games on Steam.

Check out featured articles here:

Official Steam announcements
Keep up to date with the latest announcements directly from Steam, such as new feature announcements and exciting new events and festivals. Plus, if you are a game developer, this will include news and updates about Steamworks.

Browse official Steam announcements here:

Fine-grained control
Of course, the whole goal behind the Steam News Hub is to give you a personalized view of gaming news, so you get to choose what kind of content you want to see and what kind you don’t. If you wish, you can ignore individual news sources from within your feed by selecting the little menu below a post by that source and selecting 'mute' to exclude their news from your feed.

Full Language Support
While your favorite game may not translate everything they post into your language, the News Hub supports it. You'll find official Steam news as well as news and posts from many popular games available in a huge variety of languages.

Mobile friendly
The event hub is designed with mobile use in mind so you can keep up with your favorite games when you're out and about.


To get back to the new Steam News Hub, just select 'news' from the main store drop-down in Steam.
Or click "news" on the blue bar.

Check it out now:

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