Artwork Hey gamers, any feedback on my 2 latest comissions?


Explosive Barrels
May 10, 2019
I think the second one's better, and the first one has a janky shadow to the left, which looks unnatural to me. But hey, I'm the guy who voted to feature that Portal 2 poster that was met with rioting. I think soon may be the time to post this in #announcements:
p0sixkillah said:
@everyone we've now got a non-SJW riddled, boomer-based board with some cool functionality and NSFW section
On Monday I can actually post an announcement that we have a forum for NSFW and probably contests. We *do* need more users, especially the ones who'll post their works and criticize others'.


100% greener than before
May 10, 2019
imo yerr missing sof colors from radius on both of them
gradient shit in the bg should give off a circle of light which would be pretty soft so theres thatand on the second one there is mad potential for great lights with unusual
shameless plug to showhit soft ye can do it
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