Don't like the new library, or a particular update? Here's a guide on using an older version of Steam!


Explosive Barrels
May 10, 2019
What's this about?
With the introduction of the New Library experience (currently in beta), there's, as always, a decent amount of backlash, and therefore, people who are unwilling to update their client.

Steam is a rolling release program, which means it is constantly updated and you can't just download an older version of the program. You can, but it will auto-update itself on the first launch, and thus you end up with the most recent version of Steam, which is the one you don't want.

I've seen many people complain about the new library (myself included), and I am willing to continue using the older version of the client with a VGUI-based library. Yes, the library update is in beta, but eventually it will make it into the stable branch, and simply opting out of the client beta won't work anymore. That's why I'm releasing the latest stable Steam client, alongside a guide on how to apply modifications that prohibit Steam from updating to your own, current installation of Steam.

Guide: Archiving & preserving, and preventing your copy of Steam from updating.
Ensure which version of Steam you are running:
  1. Open Steam.
  2. Go to the Help menu and choose the About Steam... option.
  3. OPTIONAL, BUT RECOMMENDED: write down the values that this window shows you.

Backing up:
  1. Locate your Steam installation directory (by default it's in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\").
  2. Copy the directory to someplace safe (i.e. to your backup drive, you do have one, don't you?).

Preventing Steam from updating:
  1. Locate your Steam installation directory (by default it's in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\").
  2. Open the folder and create a steam.cfg file inside of it.
  3. Open steam.cfg with Notepad, or your favorite text editor and paste the following:
  4. Save the file and restart Steam if you haven't quit out of the program yet.
  5. OPTIONAL, BUT RECOMMENDED: Open Steam and go to the Help menu, then choose the About Steam... option and check if values in the window are the same as the ones you wrote down while performing the backup of the client. If you did everything right, they will be the same.

Download links:
Steam Client for Windows (API: v019, package version: 1568860339, built on Sep 18 2019, at 18:56:51) — 567MB:
More links as well as Linux version are coming soon...

Closing notes:
I'm NOT responsible for you getting viruses, exploits, etc. by using outdated software and for any potential damage(s) related to that. That being said, enjoy your outdated client!
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