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Random Things

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May 10, 2019
Hi. I'm Random Things, you probably know me by now.
Cubity_First, a former admin of the now deactivated official r/SFM server, took part on an event tonight, at exactly 21/08/2019.
p0sixkillah already explained the details of it here, this is not why I made this.
His friends mass reported the server because of Cubity's lies, and we now lost partnership + bots. That's what happens when a big ego person is given too much power - and when they lose it, it's even worse, as most of the time they won't accept it.
You probably won't believe me, as Cubity might've told you many and many stories about us being the bad guys, but let me tell you we aren't. Cubity harassed people and killed an entire server because of power and literal admin abuse.
and it goes on. Farlander, a user of the server, couldn't take more because Cubity kept cleaning evidence.
This is a call for help. An entire community's call for help. Please, take notice.
- Random Things


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