The New Explosive Barrels Experience (v2)


Explosive Barrels
May 9, 2019
Welcome to the New Explosive Barrels Experience, or the v2 update of the site! As you can see, we've been working hard on remaking certain elements of the website. This is how we originally indented the website to look like an function, however, we decided to launch a little bit too early, and therefore not everyone liked it. The Explosive Barrels v2 now features slick modern design, as well as some additions to the site core functionality.

Change log:
  • Deployed hotfixes to third-party components to ensure Forum stability and security updates, as well as some added features.
  • Theme changes: changed the background to a static color instead of an image, the default fontset is now Segoe UI (Semibold).
  • Numerous fixes of CSS issues inherited from the launch style of EBF.
  • Replaced old icons from the Silk package and colorless FontAwesome webfont icons with colorful and modern set from Icons8.
  • Changed push notifications banner text.
  • Checkboxes and radiobuttons now use native element styling.

Registration and Membership:
  • Added Two-factor authentication via supported phone apps (e.g. Google Authenticator) and via e-mail.
  • Added ability to upload a custom profile cover image.
  • Updated the registration challenge questions.
  • E-mail notifications are now turned off by default for new users. If you registered prior to this change, you need to update your profile accordingly, if you don't want to receive e-mail notifications.

Homepage / Forum list view:
  • Added support for a list of manually featured topics as well as automatically aggregated most discussed threads list.
  • Added icons for forums.
  • Removed mini sub-forum listing from the parent forum block.

Thread list view:
  • Replaced avatars on the left with icons to reflect a thread's state (open, locked, pinned, has new messages, etc.).
  • Fixed Source Filmmaker sub-forum prefixes rendering incorrectly in Chrome.
  • Internal logic and styling improvements.

Thread view and posts:
  • Changed how the post meta is displayed: now it's on the top of the post cell instead of being shifted to the left.
  • Removed signatures from the first post of a thread.
  • Thread notices now use modern notice styling.
  • Changed styling of the "Share" buttons.
  • Discord button now opens user's profile.
  • Internal logic and styling improvements.

  • Added the "Formatting help" button to provide users who opted out of the rich post editor with BBCode syntax reference.
  • Internal logic and styling improvements.

  • Cleaned up unnecessary leftovers and references in code and stylesheets.

Have some feedback, ideas, suggestions or complaints to share? Don't hesitate to post it!
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