About Explosive Barrels

The Explosive Barrels Forums is a retro-oriented, old-styled community of people who are interested in video games, machinima and other mainly technological topics.

This community was created as a response to modern day ways of establishing and managing online communities. The founders of this project believe that modern trends of centralization under the umbrella of certain corporations is hurting online communities and the Internet as a whole. We despise those who are attempting to impose censorship, witch-hunting, actually harassing and stalking people who are flagged as wrongthinkers by the hivemind of the mob who calls themselves “social justice warriors”. We believe that the modern “corporate speak” aka “political correctness” infringes our rights of free thought, free speech, and the freedom of self-expression.

That being said, it doesn't matter who you are, or what your views or beliefs are. What matters is your merit. Since we are trying to recreate pre-2010s experience, the website looks and functions close to how similar projects did back in the day, although using modern web technologies.

This implies that the general atmosphere here is similar to a group of close friends, and means that strong language and friendly insults aren't outside of the scope of what can happen. This also means that critique (mostly applicable to art boards such as the Source Filmmaker forum) may be addressed either to your work, or to yourself as an artist and is there not to just make fun of you, but to also make you stronger and make you improve. This is certainly not a place for those who are easily offended or triggered. If you are, please just close the browser tab/window and never come back. You can also add explosivebarrels.com to your hosts file.

Otherwise, welcome to The Explosive Barrels Forums! Let's make online communities great again!

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